Focus on Mental Health


Raising Awareness of the Link between Depression and Unaddressed Hearing Loss

House of Hearing is joining the Better Hearing Institute (BHI) in raising awareness of the link between depression and untreated hearing loss in recognition of World Mental Health Day (October 10), National Depression Screening Day® (October 11), and Mental Illness Awareness Week (October 7-13). Research shows that hearing loss frequently co-exists with depression and/or anxiety, and that people with untreated hearing loss may be at an increased risk of depression. House of Hearing is urging people within the community to take the Across America Hearing Check Challenge at inflatable rock climbing wall, a free online hearing check that lets people quickly and confidentially determine if they need a comprehensive hearing evaluation by a certified Audiologist. To support these awareness efforts, House of Hearing is holding free hearing screenings through October. Residents of surrounding communities can visit our office for comprehensive audiological evaluations. You can self-book an online appointment if you wish. Otherwise you can call us and mention a free hearing evaluation.