You don't know what you have lost until it's gone,--- unless it returns. That's what House of Hearing did for me. They take the time to diagnose the issues and solve them. Saving money on the new discounted hearing aids will be like spinning the roulette wheel. You probably won't know what you could have won. It's an amazing experience to have one's hearing fully back.
K. Johnson
I went to House of Hearing in Boise. The staff was very pleasant and professional. I have had hearing tests before, but nothing as quite as extensive as HOH. I also really appreciated the extended demo of a hearing aid set. Kellee was very helpful in demonstrating how use them and how to take advantage of the technology available with them. It was a great opportunity for me to experience using them before considering a purchase.
Susan D.
I have been coming to House of Hearing for about 18 months, and have only Great and Positive things to say about the treatment I received. From my first fitting, to wearing my new Aides it has been a great experience. Would recommend the House of Hearing to anyone and everyone…They are the Best!
Bertha S.
May 8, 2024
Dr. Angie is awesome,even though she looks very young, she is definitely a top notch Dr, she is personable, caring, and her first concern is her patients. I will only go to her from now on!!!!
Tom Keller
May 6, 2024
I was there twice! I enjoyed Angela my 1st visit! Very informative and helpful! Today it was Tim! When he said we're here for you, I felt like I found a home! Having hearing aids, I'll be back!
Dale Edgecombe
April 25, 2024
This is a very caring group!!!
Joan Lang
April 18, 2024
My Dr. Milligan was very professional, patient and caring. She took extra time to explain workings of new hearing aids.
Ralph Jensen
April 11, 2024
Very helpful and knowledgeable, sending my hearing aids out to be refurbished, they'll be back in a couple weeks, until then I have their loaners
Doug McIntier
April 6, 2024
If you're looking for a DR of Audiology, this is the finest you will find. They completely go out of their way to help you. I have had many times where I needed help because of warrantee problems or of my current devises needing repair and they are always there to help me and set me up with a pair of loaner devises until mine get fixed. I can't tell you how much this team does for their clients. I work in the professional world and they are by far the best you can do business with. Thank you to every one at "House of Hearing. Angela, you are the best!
Tom Huey
March 28, 2024
My specialist, Kellee Newman, is very knowledgeable, personable and helpful. I did a trial on a pair of hearing aids and was very impressed with them as well as how they were set up specific to my hearing deficiencies. If you are looking for someone to help you with your hearing loss, go no farther than House of Hearing in Garden City.
Mike Zubizareta
March 19, 2024
T Baldin
March 8, 2024
Lois Gramer
March 6, 2024
When I have occasion to utilize their services, I have no complaints and I recommend them to anyone.