Hearing Aid Repair

Encountering Hearing Aid Issues?

If you're facing challenges with your hearing aids, House of Hearing is here to assist you. We offer:

  • Repair services for all hearing aid brands.
  • Swift in-office repair, often on the same day.
  • Provision of free loaner devices if your aids need manufacturer repair.
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Are your hearing aids malfunctioning or experiencing component deterioration?

If that's the case, look no further. Our clinic specializes in the repair of various hearing aid types. Our audiologists, who are skilled technical experts, are fully equipped to diagnose and address nearly any issue you're encountering. Striving to deliver exceptional customer service and satisfaction, we offer prompt, effective solutions to cater to your device needs. We understand the critical role properly functioning hearing aids play in maintaining a vibrant, connected lifestyle. With extensive experience and knowledge of the latest technologies, you can trust our technicians to restore your hearing aids to optimal working condition.
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Typically, newly purchased hearing aids come with limited-time warranties that encompass an array of services, repairs, and replacement components.

It's important to note that while we're more than willing to repair any hearing aid, regardless of active warranty coverage, if your hearing aid proves unrepairable, our team of knowledgeable hearing healthcare specialists will guide you in selecting a suitable replacement device tailored to your unique hearing and lifestyle requirements.

Alternatively, for minor issues that you can safely address at home, our team of audiological professionals is readily available to provide remote assistance and guidance. Furthermore, you might find solutions to some problems in the maintenance and troubleshooting tips outlined below.

Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

Hearing aids are invaluable tools for individuals with hearing difficulties, facilitating effective communication and active participation in enjoyable activities. However, these aids necessitate regular upkeep to ensure optimal performance.

A key maintenance tip involves consistent cleaning to prevent the accumulation of earwax and debris that could hinder functionality and longevity. 

Furthermore, storing your hearing aids in a cool, dry place like a carrying or charging case when not in use can prevent damage from moisture, heat, accidental drops, or misplacement. 

Lastly, scheduling regular check-ups with your audiologist guarantees correct fitting, up-to-date programming, and settings. With proper care, your hearing aids can continue enhancing your quality of life for years to come.

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Simple Troubleshooting Tips

For those who depend on hearing aids for seamless functionality and connectivity, encountering issues can be both frustrating and disruptive to daily life.

Nevertheless, there are a handful of fundamental troubleshooting measures that can easily resolve common hearing aid problems, saving you the inconvenience of a clinic visit.

    By keeping these essential troubleshooting tips in mind, you can minimize disruptions and ensure your devices are functioning optimally.

    Should the above solutions prove ineffective, feel free to reach out to us for professional diagnosis and repair of your hearing aids.

    As the leading experts in hearing care solutions in your vicinity, we guarantee efficient and prompt repair service.
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