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Welcome to House of Hearing Clinic Audiology Clinic, an advanced hearing practice located near Boise, ID. Our clinic specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hearing loss. We use diagnostic audiological evaluations to provide you with an answer and solution to your hearing issues.

We offer highly advanced devices from the leading hearing aid manufacturers to help you hear and communicate better. In addition, we provide hearing aid fittings, adjustments and repairs. Our audiologists are dedicated to providing the highest standard of hearing care to the individuals of Boise and the surrounding areas.

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Hearing Aids in Boise, ID

Are you ready to take your hearing to the next level? Our practice offers devices from the leading hearing technology manufacturers, which helps us find the perfect fit for your specific needs!

  • Hearing Protection
  • Bluetooth-enabled Hearing Aids
  • CaptionCall
  • Cell Phone Accessories for Hearing Aids
  • Electronic Shooters Protection
  • Hearing Aid Styles
  • Lyric Hearing Products
  • Oticon Hearing Products
  • Phonak Hearing Products
  • Rechargeable Hearing Aids
  • Rexton Hearing Products
  • Signia Hearing Products
  • Sonic Innovations
  • Starkey Hearing Aids
  • Unitron Hearing Aids
  • Unitron Flex:trial
  • Widex Hearing Aids
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Hearing Care Services in Boise, ID

Are you contemplating getting your hearing checked? The professionals at our office are available to help you every step of the way, including: hearing tests and exams, and hearing aid selection, fittings, programming, repairs and cleaning!

Our Audiologists in Boise, ID

When it comes to your hearing health, trust our Audiologists to help you communicate better with the world around you. We offer extensive hearing evaluations and recommendations based on results. Our treatment includes hearing aids that we fit, adjust, program, clean and service as needed.

  • Matt Murphy

  • Jacob Diller

Our Audiologists