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Tinnitus Treatment Options

No one has to live with the fear of tinnitus symptoms clouding their daily lives. Treatment options have been streamlined and improved for all tinnitus types. Hearing professionals at House of Hearing Audiology Clinic check for tinnitus symptoms during the evaluation. Identifying the condition is only the first step to resolving it for good.

What is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a constant perception of sound in the ears. It’s not a disease but produces hearing noises that are distracting to the victim. The initial cause of the condition is a good way to determine if tinnitus will be temporary or permanent. People spend their entire lives with tinnitus without realizing it is an actual condition. Lack of medical attention is one of the reasons it turns from a temporary condition into a permanent problem. 

What are the Causes of Tinnitus?

There are many causes, and many of them are avoidable. Noise exposure is the most common in a professional environment. Being around loud sounds for over eight hours a day is hard on the ears without protection. Some medications list tinnitus as a side effect, which can range from mild to headache-inducing. The label will usually list it as a side effect, but users should be wary of alternative problems. Mixing different medications can cause the same problem, even if it isn’t listed on the label. A middle ear infection can cause tinnitus that lingers long after the infection goes away. The list of causes can be endless and serves as a major reason to see a hearing professional about treatment.

Treatment Options

There are many effective ways to treat tinnitus. Since the cause of the problem can be from an underlying condition, it’s important to get an evaluation. Without accurate health data, treatment options will be unreliable when put in place.

Hearing aids are fast becoming a great way to handle tinnitus-related issues. However, not all brands have the feature implemented. When choosing hearing aids, users should ask their hearing professional about the effectiveness of a particular product.

Noise suppression is a good portable option that uses enhanced sound therapy techniques. A small white noise machine is used to balance out tinnitus symptoms. The masking device, combined with occasional behavioral therapy, will retrain the brain to better combat the condition.

Earwax removal gets rid of some temporary tinnitus problems. The procedure is noninvasive and can be handled just like a regular cleaning.