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Hearing Car Services

House of Hearing Audiology Clinic provides services for a variety of hearing conditions. Their hearing professionals provide treatment options that help individuals and families. With the results of various hearing tests, recommendations of treatment can be made with the most accurate information.

  • Earwax Removal

    Earwax is a natural substance that builds up in the ear to protect it. When the body can’t naturally get rid of it, manual removal options are needed. Earwax removal is a noninvasive procedure that gets rid of excess cerumen. Water irrigation is one of the many methods used to resolve this problem.

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  • Evaluation for Hearing Aids

    The hearing aid evaluation is when a personal hearing device is chosen for one or both ears. During the visit, the hearing professional will go over the best product choice. Features, sizes and brands all have their pros and cons. That is why the evaluation for hearing aids is an important step in getting familiar with the technology.

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    Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

    Hearing aids chosen during the evaluation are sent off for programming. When they arrive for the dispensing, they go through another round of programming. This is to ensure that the wearer gets the most accurate sound possible. The hearing professional will ask questions to ensure that the wearer is comfortable with the new device. During the fitting, important information regarding use and fit will be discussed in great detail.

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  • Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

    Like all electronic devices, hearing aids will wear out over time. With proper care and maintenance, a pair of hearing aids should last for a very long time. Regular cleaning and changing of the batteries ensure optimal performance. For care information related to a specific product, the user should always consult a hearing professional.

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    Hearing Tests

    An evaluation is needed to determine the severity of hearing loss. Both ears are tested for problems, with the tests geared towards finding the source of the condition. Tests are different for each individual based on age, past medical history and current symptoms. The data collected from the test is a big help in determining the best course of action for treatment.

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  • Live Speech Mapping

    Live speech mapping was created to boost the accuracy of newly programmed hearing aids. It is a visual tool that allows the hearing professional to see what the user is hearing. Live speech mapping is used during the initial fitting to prepare hearing aids for first-time use.

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  • Tinnitus Treatment Options

    Due to technological advances, tinnitus treatment options are much more responsive. Temporary and permanent tinnitus is no longer a condition that individuals have to suffer with. Sound therapy, behavioral therapy, medicine and surgery are a few of the options to deal with the condition. Consulting with a hearing professional is the best way to get started with treatment choices.

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